The Shining Experience


Other intruders must have had fun with the stuffed grizzly bear long before we came.

It was one of those ideas that are born around a campfire when a bottle of firewater or to two make the rounds. We all camped at the Roger Park Discovery Center parking lot, in our cars. Right next to it, the abandoned Glacier Park Lodge. Someone mentions he heard beds are still perfectly made with linen and all. Someone else overhears the chat and adds that he has seen a possible entrance to the building via a broken glass door…


Après Ski.

It didn’t take curiosity very long to win us over and we explored the old Glacier Park Lodge with our headlights. A super-weird experience, slightly creepy but yet quite entertaining. Especially when the alternative is going to bed in your car at 7.30 pm.


We could still hear the screams of the restless souls of thousands of bagels.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre reminiscences.


Patrick and Jonas drank every drop of aged booze they could find.

PHIL1397 (1).jpg

Animal rights activists are alarmed.

PHIL1413 (1).jpg

Even on hols, my brother just can’t do without watching TV.

PHIL1410 (1).jpg

Guest of the lodge used to to be so terrified by the creepy noises they would stand up straight in their beds.

PHIL1432 (1).jpg

All amenities included.

PHIL1417 (1).jpg

Not creepy? (1/2)

PHIL1437 (1).jpg

Not creepy? (2/2)

PHIL1402 (1).jpg

Better days.

PHIL1419 (1).jpg

What about WiFi?


Another story to tell at the campfire under our belts.


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