I thought I’d like to list a few links to people, books and movies that have inspired me, for those who are interested. Without claim to completeness:

Life in general

This is one of my father Maurizio Bonato‘s videos. His life and work as an artist are a great source of inspiration to pursue what you love in life. Visit his website and his youtube channel for more information on his work.

A life of adventure and writing


Ernest Hemingway – one of the most adventurous, versatile and influential writers of the last century. His life was as colorful kaleidoscope, albeit its tragic end. Among his many passions, of which I share more than one, was also skiing – read the beautiful short story ‘Cross-Country Snow‘ to see how well he was acquainted both with the sport and its locations.

Being free and feeling rich while living frugally and not working (for a while)


Thomas Hodgekinson‘s classic ‘How to be free’ is a true mind-opener. Often provocative, not always realistic and sometimes outright wrong, I warmly recommend you this book to start imaging a different life outside the ‘machine’.

Van Life

Hippie skiing in British Columbia

Steep Skiing in Alaska

Skiing in Alaska and BC


‘Inner Visions of a Mountain Man: Tales of Adventure from Alaska, British Columbia and Beyond’ by Jake Young. This book needs some professional editing or at least a spellcheck, but other than that is the most concise book I could find about skiing in the Northwestern America.

Soul Searching and Surfing in Costa Rica


Allan C. Weisbecker’s ‘In Search of Captain Zero’ makes a surf trip to Costa Rica sound like a much greater adventure than it actually turned out to be for me. I guess the tourism industry has eaten away at the thrill it once might have been. At least we got see ‘Salsa Brava’, the wave in Puerto Viejo Weisbecker raves so much about, although it wasn’t working during our stay.

Rock climbing in Kalymnos and beyond

If rock climbing is the ultimate school of mental challenge, Arno Ilgner’s ‘The Rock Warrior’s Way’ is its text book. A well-thought and pragmatic approach to adapting your mind to the demands of rock climbing – and life – outside the comfort zone. Highly recommended, even to none-climbers.