Wrapping up 2015: Surf is no(t the) answer

As this year ends, it is already clear that this will be one I will remember. I incurred the biggest voluntary changes in my life so far in 2015. Did I take these steps and have they already made me so happy I never have any doubts? Not at all. All I know for sure after having dedicated the past six month almost exclusively to surfing: To surf is not the answer.

Surfing took me a lot of places geographically and has helped me win my fears of the ocean mentally. (Although I am sure that a round of cage diving in South Africa would reverse my progress in an instant.) It made me become friends with a lot of great and inspiring people. It made me rediscover my passion for photography. But still: It is not the answer. At least not to my questions.

BB8_2752Maybe it is because I am a mountain person (I’ll find out more about that soon). But more likely, because I was naive. Or had excessive expectations.

While the perdition-o-meter has gauged pretty high levels during the last few weeks here in Costa Rica (touchy locals in Santa Teresa, a trip to Carribean lost-souls-home Puerto Viejo, some intense episodes in my private life), it has made me find a first, deep-felt desire within me. It is called a home. A home at home, in the Tyrolean mountains. I can visualize it.

So maybe it is true, and all the rocking by the waves of the ocean connects us to our subconsciousness, and subsequently to our true emotions?

Happy New Year to you.

Your Gipsy Banker

PS: Thanks for reading my blog in 2015 🙂



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