Moving on (a bit)


Santa Teresa sits right next to Malpaís at the tip of the Guanancaste peninsula. Costa Rica surf map by Blue Gecko Surfmaps.

Finally, we – that’s Burkhard, Daniel, Daniel’s dad Peter and me – decided to move on. We left Nosara and Guiones Beach to head out to Santa Teresa, at the southern tip of the peninsula of Guanacaste.
We strapped  my 9.6 longboard and the two shortboards to the roof of Peter’s rental 4WD and took off on the dirt road down south.

A road in very good conditions.

The trip was supposed to last three to four hours.  It ended up taking us about 10 hours on mostly grueling gravel roads with holes the size of a fridge before we finally arrived in Santa Teresa. The first morning session there was a poor one but the evening session was a magic one, glassy water, fun-sized waves and a beautiful sundown.

Moving on (a bit) too.

Also, this was to be our last evening as a group of four, so we partied a bit. Alcohol consumption has been at record lows on this trip since we have developed a ‘surf nerd’ (quote Burkhard) pattern of getting up early (sometimes as early as 4.30 a.m.) surfing in the morning, surfing in the evening and going straight to bed after dinner.

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